What is an ESPLOST?

  • 1% sales tax for the next four years on goods and services purchased in Fayette County specifically to support our excellent public schools.
  • Must be used on hard assets such as buildings, books, buses and computers. Cannot be used for salaries or other operating costs.
  • Does not apply to internet purchases.
  • If you purchase anything in another metro Atlanta County, you pay an ESPLOST that supports that school system:
    • Atlanta Hartsfield Airport – Clayton County Schools
    • Ashley Park – Coweta Schools
    • Mercedes Benz Stadium – Atlanta Public Schools
    • Sun Trust Field – Cobb County Schools
  • Visitors shopping or dining in Fayette will be supporting our schools.

We Currently HAVE an ESPLOST

  • A YES vote will continue to support the high-performing Fayette County Public Schools.
  • This is not a new tax. You will continue to pay the same 1% rate first approved by voters in 2008.
  • Visitors shopping or dining in Fayette County will continue to pay an ESPLOST to support our excellent schools. We estimate this to be approximately 30% of collections.
  • If this does not pass, you will continue to support OTHER county schools when spending money outside of Fayette County.