The Facts

Quality and Excellent Schools – CCRPI

CCRPI (College and Career Readiness)

  • Combines quantitative test score performance with measurement of student progress over time
  • Groups students into “Developing”, “Proficient” and “Distinguished” learners.
  • Rewards student progress, not just numerical scores.
  • Demonstrates that Fayette continues to outperform peers within each year, noting the CCRPI formula changes each year hindering year-to-year comparison

Fayette County’s public schools routinely perform at the top echelon of Georgia’s school systems regardless of measure.


Cost Effective Schools

While Fayette County Schools perform in the top tier of school systems across Georgia, its cost per student is consistently near average.


Experienced Teachers

Well qualified and experienced teachers are the cornerstone of our excellent Fayette County Schools.


Funding Public Education

  • Local Property Taxes

    • Fayette County pays 19.5 Mils, down from 20 (“the maximum”)
  • State Funds provided under “QBE”

    • State legislature has underfunded the State Constitution formula for QBE (Quality Basic Education) since before the recession. To date, the cuts have cost our schools almost $109M.
    • The legislature assumes “everyone has an ESPLOST” to offset these cuts
    • The state contributes 48% of Fayette’s education budget, versus the statewide average of 53%.
  • Federal Funds

    • These funds are mostly tied to anti-poverty programs such as Title I. Fayette receives about 3% of it’s funding through Federal sources, versus the statewide average of over 6%.

    • 158 counties out of 159 Georgia’s Counties use ESPLOST.
    • While Fayette is considering ESPLOST 3.0, many counties, including Coweta County, are on their 4th ESPLOST.