Past ESPLOST Benefits

What projects have been completed with ESPLOST?

  • Renovated school buildings, including, roof, HVAC, lighting and flooring
    • McIntosh
    • Sandy Creek
    • Starr’s Mill
    • Flat Rock Middle
    • Rising Starr Middle
    • Braelinn Elem
    • Sarah Harp Elem
    • Huddleston Elem
    • Burch Elem
    • Whitewater Middle
    • Minter Elem
    • Peachtree City – Gym Addition
    • North Fayette – Gym Addition
  • Secured the entrances of all schools with access control and cameras.
  • Equipped every classroom in the county with the “Classroom of Tomorrow” technology.
  • Provided for the connection of the two halves of McIntosh High School.
  • Paid down over $25M in bond debt. (Annual bond service has gone down $5M a year)
  • Building the addition of an auditorium for Fayette County High School.

Great investments in Fayette County School’s continuing success!