New ESPLOST Investment

Where Will the Money Go?

Just over half of this ESPLOST is designated to maintain and upgrade our aging facilities.

Maintain and Upgrade our Facilities

  • Fayette County High School renovations including HVAC, roofing and flooring    $22M
  • Classroom additions at High Schools    $13M
    • WhiteWater
    • Sandy Creek
    • McIntosh
  • Gym and Classroom modifications at Booth Middle    $10M
  • Elementary School Upgrades and Improvements    $19M
    • Oak Grove
    • Fayette Elementary
    • Peeples

Continuing to Invest in Technology

Invest in One-to-One Computer to Student    $25M

  • How it works
    • Student would take home computer on loan, like a text book
    • All books would eventually be “e-books” reducing costs over time
  • Results expected
    • Greater student/ teacher interaction through virtual classroom
    • Technological savvy required for college and now basic job skill
    • Many systems including Coweta have already adopted this standard

Invest in Connected Classroom II    $20M

  • Builds on Classroom of Tomorrow in ESPLOST 1.0 (2008)
  • Expands connectivity pipe to facilitate online access

Other Strategic Initiatives

  • School security upgrades    $  3M
  • Furniture replacement and upgrades    $13M
    • Updated lab equipment
    • Media centers
    • Elementary schools
  • New Textbooks (“Hard” and “e” books) purchases    $  8M
  • Bus replacement and upgrades    $10M
  • Bond debt reduction